Dr. Anis Dosani

Mr Mohammad Anis Dosani

Mr. Mohammad Anis Dosani completed his training in Trauma and Orthopedic surgery and is a Fellow of the Intercollegiate Board of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Mr. Dosani is listed on the specialist register with the General Medical Council. He has since worked in Trauma and Orthopedics in different NHS trust hospitals across the UK, working on hip and knee replacements, minor soft tissue injuries, and polytrauma patients. In 2020, Dr. Dosani transitioned to the private sector, working full time in the private sector and the medical-legal space. 

Dr. Dosani has practiced as an expert witness for 13 years and has extensive experience in preparing medico-legal reports for GP, Orthopedics and sports medicine. He regularly attends Medico-Legal training courses in order to remain abreast of current changes in government regulations and ensure patient care is up-to-date and of the highest quality. Dr. Dosani is also up to date with CME requirements, Appraisals and Revalidation. 



Dr. Dosani offers in-person clinics across the UK, along with home visits, prison visits, and remote consultations. For in-person clinics, Dr. Dosani follows COVID-19 guidelines to ensure patient safety at all times. All consulting locations have disabled access and parking facilities to ensure convenience and ease for patients.

Home Visit

In instances where the client is not able to or is not comfortable in travelling to the clinic location, we offer home consultations. Patient care and comfort is our priority.

Prision Visit

We now also offer prison visits as part of our consultation services.

Remote Consultations

Although we host in-person clinics across the country, we also accommodate patients’ requests for remote consultations. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found patients have a preference for remote where possible and we have tailored our services to best suit our clients requests and needs.

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